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Allen West: 'Silly' for Republicans to Negotiate With 'Marxist, Socialist, Rigid Ideologue' Obama

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Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday called it "silly" for Republicans to negotiate with "Marxist, socialist, rigid ideologue" President Barack Obama.

Speaking on Mark Levin's radio program, West said the GOP needs to stop its "circular firing squad" and focus on "unity based upon principles."

"This whole thing about having having negotiations with President Obama is silly," West said. "President Obama is Marxist, socialist, rigid ideologue and for whatever reason, he believes he has some self-conceived mandate to go out and further destroy and ruin our economy."

House Republicans and the White House have been deadlocked over how to deal with the looming "fiscal cliff," which will trigger automatic tax hikes and sharp spending cuts unless both sides can reach a budget agreement before the end of the year.

West, a Tea Party firebrand who lost his re-election bid last month, said that instead of wasting time negotiating with Obama, it's up to House members to go out and "pass good policy," then turn to the media and say, "we've done our job now what are you going to do."

Listen to the full interview below, relevant portion begins at the 2:30 mark.

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