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Man Gets So Angry With His Neighbors He...Drives His Car Into Their House


So you're feuding with your neighbors, do you a) confront them; b) go to the police; or c) ram your car through their living room?

If you're 47-year-old Malcolm Cookson from San Diego, the answer is c.

ABC News in San Diego has more:

10News learned the driver, identified as 47-year-old Malcolm Cookson, had been embroiled a series of disputes with homeowners Virgil and Alexia Lopez. Neighbors said Cookson suffers from Huntington's disease and paranoia.

The Lopez family said they filed a temporary restraining order against Cookson after a series of issues ranging from vandalism -- the couple said Cookson slashed tires and poured oil on their driveway -- to Cookson's accusation that his neighbor was attracted to his wife, Valerie.

Police believe the disputes may have prompted Cookson to intentionally crash his wife's car into the home.

"What happened basically was our mentally ill neighbor, who has been doing lots of different things to us since July, drove into our house," Alexia Lopez said. The station reports Cookson suffers from Huntington's Disease.

The couple wasn't home at the time, but another relative and the couple's baby were. They were unharmed. Cookson was taken to a mental health facility for evaluation.

As for the car, well, it's now adding insult to injury: It must stay ​inside ​the house until a structural engineer can evaluate the situation.

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