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Graphic Images: Syrian Rebels Allegedly Use 'Small Boy' to Help Them Behead Captive


“The most horrific of all videos released so far about the Syrian crisis.”

Screenshot from YouTube of the disturbing video purporting to show Syrian rebels beheading a man.

Iran’s Fars News website is reporting on a video it says was just released on a Syrian opposition website showing rebels using a machete to behead loyalists to President Bashar Assad. Sickeningly, a child is shown aiding in the crime. Fars reports:

The Syrian website al-Haqiqa posted a video which is the most horrific of all videos released so far about the Syrian crisis.

The tragic incident has reportedly happened in an area located between Talbisiyeh and Rastan towns in the Western Homs province

The video shows a group of Takfiri armed rebels affiliated to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) who call themselves Khaled bin Walid Battalion and use children for beheading abducted citizens.

Fars News calls the rebels “Takfiri,” by which it is accusing them in Arabic of being non-believers. The Shiite Iranian regime has been a staunch supporter of President Assad in the almost two-year uprising against mostly Sunni opponents. Fars further reports:

The video showed the terrorists bringing down the heads of the people on a piece of stone and beheaded them by using a machete.

The video appeared on the facebook page of Khaled bin Walid which is run by Qassem Sadeddin, a defected Syrian Air Force colonel.

The Iranian news agency reflects its government’s concern with the influx of Sunni terrorists to Syria, who now pose a serious threat to Assad. Fars accuses other Muslim nations as well as the U.S. of supporting the Islamist radicals:

Moreover, a new al-Qaeda was formed with the support of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the western countries, specially the US, in Syria.

The above countries recruit the Salafis from different countries such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, Europe, even Afghanistan and some Central Asian countries, train them in Libya and Turkey, and eventually send them to Syria to fight President Bashar al-Assad's government.

Terrorists have tried hard in the last several days to make Syrian cities unsafe for citizens, but the army has purged them from most neighborhoods and districts, killed tens of them and arrested many others.

The website InfoWars on Monday posted the disturbing video. Like most videos emerging from Syria, TheBlaze is unable to verify the veracity of the tape. Men on the tape are heard loudly shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great) after each blow to one of the victims.

An Arabic translator tells TheBlaze that the subtitle on the video says: "Terrorists of Khaled ibn Al-Walid, use a small boy to cut off the head of a kidnapped Syrian citizen." Two Arabic speakers say that the Arabic of those speaking on the tape does not sound like the regional dialect spoken in Syria. This would bolster the Fars claim – and previous evidence reported by the Western media -- that foreign jihadis are actively engaged in the Syrian conflict.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars writes that President Assad’s opponents:

…are committing atrocities on a routine basis on a par with anything the Assad regime has been accused of, and again emphasizes that they are not democratic freedom fighters but jihadist extremists who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even to the point of making children do their dirty work for them.

A recent article in Global Post drove home how important it is to examine each purportedly new video with skepticism. Videos posted on YouTube claiming to be “new” or in Syria have sometimes been shown to be taken from past conflicts far away. With Western journalists unable to be at the site of each atrocity in Syria, these videos play a key role in spreading the message of each side. Global Post wrote in November about a different video:

On the screen was a video of someone beheading a prisoner with a chainsaw. It had been circulating in Syria for at least a year. The footage itself is very real, but it is five years old, and was shot in Mexico. Drug lords carried out the crime. The video has been used by rebels in conflicts all over the world.

The sham videos can have very real effects, creating sympathy for one side or the other. Last week, the United Nations accused the rebels of war crimes, based on a YouTube video of fighters executing prisoners. This type of atrocity makes intervention less appealing to the West.

While that video appears to have been real, many other bogus ones have found their way onto major television networks in the United States and beyond, and are spread widely by social media. It’s not uncommon for the two sides to use the same footage to make opposite claims.

TheBlaze cannot verify that the beheading atrocity on this latest tape took place in Syria or recently, but hope further information will be made available either by reporters covering the conflict in Syria or by those in the position to tell more.

The extraordinarily disturbing video was available here. However, moments before this story was published it was removed.

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