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Allen West Doubles Down: 'Marxist, Socialist' Obama Right to Feel 'Arrogant' After Election -- Here's Why


"He has every right to be arrogant, and feel that he is never going to be held responsible"

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Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who recently lost his re-election bid to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity Monday to discuss his recent comments to radio host Mark Levin.

West said to Levin on Thursday: “This whole thing about having having negotiations with President Obama is silly...President Obama is Marxist, socialist, rigid ideologue and for whatever reason, he believes he has some self-conceived mandate to go out and further destroy and ruin our economy.”

West elaborated for Hannity Monday, saying President Obama has every right to feel "arrogant" after winning re-election since he will never be held accountable for the policies he's implementing.  According to West, the only thing Republicans can do is have "unity based on principles" and stop with the "circular firing squad."

But the discussion began with a thorough explanation of ​why​ West is saying the president is a Marxist and a socialist; it is not just an arbitrary insult.

West calmly listed one reason after another:

I think when you sit down and you look at the policies that have emanated from President Obama, his administration, this entire class warfare rhetoric that we continue to hear is definitely a Marxist theory.  When you look at the nationalizing of production-- be it the health care industry, Dodd Frank with the financial industry, the automobile industry, what Lisa Jackson and the EPA are doing to the energy sector, and of course the National Labor Relations Board-- that's nationalizing production.

When you look at the incredible expansion of the welfare nanny state, and all of the sudden belief in economic fairness, economic patriotism, fairness and fair shot-- those are the types of theories that are not consistent with a constitutional republic, definitely not consistent with our Founding Fathers and the type of people they read, be it Rousseau, Montesquieu, or John Locke.  [Emphasis added]

So how does that affect current discussions in Washington?  Does Obama have to be concerned with the results of his policies, or just the immediate gratification of his electorate?

West continued:

So when you talk about the arrogance of the president-- we re-elected someone that went from 10.6 trillion to 16 trillion in debt.  We've had four straight years of trillion dollar deficits.  We've had incredible, earth-shattering numbers of Americans in poverty, Americans on food stamps.  We've seen a 32% increase in welfare spending.  We've seen gas prices being exorbitantly high.

So he has every right to be arrogant, and feel that he is never going to be held responsible.

Watch the entire exchange, via Gateway Pundit, below:



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