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See the Little Kid Who's Stealing the Show Dancing Like a Genius at Tampa Bay Bucs Games


By now you've probably just about had it with the Gangnam Style dance craze. But like the Macarena and Electric Slide before it, it is probably here to stay for a very long time. But even though you're probably not ready for yet another person dancing to the anti-American singer's song, you might want to click play on the following videos.

This is Christian. The youngster has been dubbed "Little Fear," a take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers mascot Capt. Fear. And this season, he's been stealing the show during the team's home games. One particular performance, where he starts off with some moves from Gangnam Style and then moves on to the "Dougie," is going viral. And it's easy to see why:

It's not every day a little kid can steal the show from an NFL cheerleading squad. But Christian succeeds:

That video is from Nov. 25. But Christian has been busting moves all season. Check out this video from September:

And he's even appeared in an official Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders music video:

(H/T: Yahoo!)

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