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New Video Shows Alleged Union Activists Cutting Up and Distributing Pieces of Ransacked Tent


• Left's new theory: Conservatives and the Koch brothers staged the whole thing! --

A swarm of alleged pro-union activists on Tuesday destroyed a tent owned by the pro-right-to-work group Americans for Prosperity.

TheBlaze showed you video of both the tent being taken down and of alleged pro-union activists assaulting conservatives who were on the scene.

And now we get this:

“An hour after the Americans for Prosperity tent is destroyed on the Michigan Capitol lawn, a demonstrator in a Teamster jacket cuts shards from the tarp and hands out as souvenirs,” reads the video’s description.

Why were they collecting "souvenirs"?

According to one woman in the video, AFP workers were holding signs accusing union workers of being "sleazeballs" and "lazy." However, as of this writing, there is no evidence to back up this claim.

Meanwhile, unions and their left-wing allies have accused AFP of staging the whole thing:

No, really. Some people believe AFP destroyed its own tent, because Koch:

As of this writing, Steven Crowder's face is unavailable for comment:

(Courtesy Steven Crowder)

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Featured image courtesy YouTube. This post has been updated.

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