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You Look Fantastic!': ABC Profiles 9-Year-Old Girl's Weight Loss -- Inspiring or Creepy?


"Don't be afraid to do the tough love...It's worth it in the long run"

(Photo: ABC)

(Photo: ABC)

ABC's George Stephanopolous hosted the family of 9-year-old Breanna Bond on Good Morning America Monday, praising the family for taking initiative with their child's weight problem.

Discussing how Breanna's weight detrimentally impacted her life, Stephanopolous asked the family about how they helped her drop the pounds.

ABC News summarizes:

Bond and Breanna's father, Dan Bond, decided to take matters into their own hands. Heidi Bond designed an exercise routine for her daughter and the entire family. They began to walk the 4-mile trail near their home.

"There was nothing that stopped us," Heidi Bond said. "We went at night, in the rain, in the hail, in the fog, nothing. We had a zero-tolerance policy. We're doing the walk, no matter what."

Before long, Breanna had lost 37 pounds. In less than a year, her weight loss totaled 66 pounds.

In addition to following a diet that limits fat to 20 grams per day, Breanna also began using her home treadmill for an hour and 15 minutes each day. She also started to play basketball and joined the swim team.  [Emphasis added]

(Photo: ABC)

And the fifth grader is justifiably happy with the results.  Whereas people used to call her "fat head," she says, she can now keep up with her friends during athletic activities.

"I can just move more," she said with a shy smile.

When Stephanopolous asked Breanna's parents if they had any advice for people in the same position, they suggested: start as soon as possible, exercise and enforce healthy eating habits.

Breanna's father, Dan Bond, added: "Don't be afraid to do the tough love...It's worth it in the long run. It's their life that's at stake."

Childhood obesity is rapidly becoming a new epidemic in America, and while everyone wants their children to be healthy, is parading a 9-year-old's weight loss somewhat scarring for a child in the long run?  Does it put a misleading emphasis on weight as defining who you are?  And while having Breanna join sports is a perfectly healthy solution, is making a 9-year-old count fat grams and run on the treadmill for more than an hour each day a little too intense?

Watch the entire profile and let us know what you think:



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