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Three Women Allegedly Tricked a Mentally Handicapped Man Into Buying Them $40K in Cars and Other Gifts


"they could date if he bought her things"

A Minnesota woman has been charged with several felony counts for teaming up with two other women and persuading a mentally disabled man into purchasing two vehicles for them along with other expensive gifts, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Renita Satcher, a 38-year-old woman from St. Paul, allegedly took advantage of the victim who reportedly has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old and was looking for a date, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

According to the Pioneer Press, Satcher, who was posing as a women named Ashley in 2011 when the incident occurred, told the victim he could join her and two other women -- Ashley's "mother" and "aunt" -- at a hotel. She told him "they could date if he bought her things," the Pioneer Press noted one complaint saying.

Here's more on how the women took advantage of the man from there:

He wanted her to like him, so he began opening lines of credit and buying things for her and the other women. She told him she needed a car, so he accompanied her to a South St. Paul dealership, let her pick one out and financed it with an $18,000 line of credit in his name.

It was Satcher's idea to buy the car and she told the man how to fill out the paperwork, according to the complaint. The man said he complied because he thought Ashley wouldn't talk to him unless he did.

He also said "he became scared the women may call someone to come over and hurt him if they got angry with him," according to the complaint. At one point while staying with them, he separated his car keys from his house keys because he feared they would rob his home.

The Star Tribune reported the fraudulent activity became apparent when the victim failed to show up for work and his legal guardian found receipts showing expensive purchases.

Satcher will appear in court in January facing two felony charges for theft by swindling. The other two women have not been charged yet.

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