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Watch Paralympian 'Bladerunner' Oscar Pistorius Outrun a Horse In a Foot Race!


"It wasn't about who won today..."

Remember Oscar Pistorius? Oscar is the double-amputee who qualified for, and competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. While the intrepid athlete did not win a medal at the regular Olympics, he did score two gold medals in the Paralympics that followed.

Image: AP

On Wednesday, Pistorius took his campaign for awareness of disabled athletes to a new level as he raced against a horse in Doha, Qatar.

The UK Telegraph was there to cover the event.

The 26 year-old sprinter was in Doha for the 'Definitely Able' campaign which uses special events to highlight the exceptional feats Paralympic athletes are capable of.

This video shows the entire race and features a brief interview with Pistorius after the race:


While Pistorius was successful in his race against a horse, he was not the first olympic athlete to attempt a stunt like this. We found some other examples of "Man vs. Beast."

After turning pro following his success in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, American Jesse Owens raced a horse in Cuba - and won! (He had a little head start)

In 2003, a short-lived show on the Fox Network had Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Crawford face off against a giraffe and a zebra with mixed results.

The show also featured a bizarre contest between and elephant and 44 "little people." The challenge; to pull a DC-10 jet 75 feet.

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