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The List of the Deadliest U.S. Shootings -- And Where This Latest One Now Ranks


An official with knowledge of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., says at least 27 people are dead, including 20 children, making this the second-deadliest shooting in U.S. history.

So as news of the atrocity in Newton continues to trickle in, we thought it would be helpful to put everything into perspective [all graphs courtesy the Washington Post]:

Michael McLendon: 10 + Shooter dead


'The Dark Knight' Massacre: 12


Schizo-Army Vet Howard Unruh: 13


The Ft. Hood Shooter: 13


Jiverly Wong:13 + Shooter


The Columbine Killers: 13 + 2 Shooters


Going Postal (Pat Sherrill): 14 + Shooter


Charles Whitman, the University of Texas Sniper: 16 + shooter


The McDonald's Killer: 21 + Shooter


George Hennard: 23 + Shooter

The Virginia Tech Massacre: 32 + Shooter

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["SOURCE: Associated Press and other news reports, Violence Policy Center, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. GRAPHIC: Bonnie Berkowitz, Alberto Cuadra, Cristina Rivero, Laura Stanton and Sisi Wei - The Washington Post. Published July 20, 2012. Updated on July 27, 2012 to add the 1949 shooting in Camden, N.J. ... Several of these gunmen killed other people in the hours or days preceeding their mass shootings."]

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