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Hungarian Parliament Member Condemns the Jewish State, Arrested After Torching Israeli Flag


“agreement between Hungary and Israel should be canceled”

(Photo source: PressTV)

Hungarian member of parliament Balazs Lenhardt was arrested Friday after torching an Israeli flag during an anti-Zionist protest in the country's capital.

According to Press TV, dozens of Hungarians rallied near the Foreign Ministry in Budapest to protest what they allege is Israel's occupation and "atrocities" against the Palestinians. Police said Lenhardt was released following questioning the night of the demonstration.

The Hungarian lawmaker was, according to reports, once member of the far-right (often dubbed neo-nazi) Jobbik party. Blaze readers might recall that at the end of November, Jobbik's leader Marton Gyongyosi called on his nation's parliament to assemble a "list" of Jews who he deems poses a "national security threat" following Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense.

(Photo source: PressTV)

Further supporting this disturbing anti-Semitic trend, Press TV reports that in October Jobbik members burned  another Israeli flag -- this time in front of one of Budapest's largest synagogues. The pro-fascist party members were, at the time, calling on government to cut diplomatic and economic ties with Israel.

Jobbik leader Gabor Vona said any “agreement between Hungary and Israel should be canceled.”

The party holds 47 parliamentary seats and is the third-largest political party in Hungary.

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