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Two-fer from Post writer: Let government 'buy back' guns to stimulate economy and lessen violence


One big reason that conservatives are so pro-Second Amendment goes over the head of many in the news media. Conservatives don't want to keep their guns just because "AMERICA!" They're so gun happy because many of them have a fundamental distrust in the government. Or at least an omnipresent skepticism of a government that has guns while citizens do not.

It certainly went over the head of Matt Miller, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and weekly columnist for the Washington Post.

He writes today:

[I]magine a $100 billion, one-time program aimed at buying back 200 million firearms at $500 a pop. We issue the payments in prepaid credit cards that expire in three months ... to be sure the money is spent fast.

Presto! So long as the federal money is borrowed, we get an immediate boost to demand, jobs and growth. And with long-term interest rates at all-time lows, there’s never been a better time for the feds to overpay gun owners and get these weapons out of circulation. The president can even pitch selling a gun to Uncle Sam as a patriotic act — part of a national rethinking of our gun culture in the wake of Newtown.

Sure. Conservatives, many of them wary of a powerful government, will sell their guns for a $500 gift card. Presto.

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