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Ted Nugent's 'Gun Country' Show Cancelled Following Shooting Massacre -- Agree or Disagree?

Motor City Madman Ted Nugent performs before a large crowd at the LaPorte County Fair Saturday July 14, 2012 in LaPorte, IN. Credit: AP

Almost as quickly as Ted Nugent's show launched on the Discovery Channel this past October, it has ended. The network, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, announced that the program, titled, "Ted Nugent’s Gun Country," will be discontinued. Considering sensitivities surrounding the horrific rampage and renewed calls among some leaders for increased gun control, Discovery's decision is not entirely surprising.

But this isn't the only show the network has canned following the shooting. "American Guns," another Discovery series, was also cancelled, with executives declining to give definitive reasons for the removal of either show from its scheduled programming.

Discovery was purportedly pushed heavily on social media to take action on programs involving firearms, thus many assume that their inevitable decision was rooted in pressures following the horrific event that left 20 schoolchildren dead (and eight adults, including Adam Lanza, the shooter).

Motor City Madman Ted Nugent performs before a large crowd at the LaPorte County Fair Saturday July 14, 2012 in LaPorte, IN. Credit: AP

Nugent, for one, has been anything but silent in the wake of the tragedy. On Tuesday, he penned an open letter in the Washington Times, addressing the Sandy Hook shooting. In it, he was candid about his views on the matter, noting that he believes that more laws and regulations will do little to solve the problem.

Rather that legislative action, the rocker recommended looking at culture as the main contributing factor leading to societal chaos. Read a portion of his comments, below:

The heart of the matter is that our Humpty Dumpty culture has taken a great fall.

Like an iceberg, we only periodically see the psychotic manifestation, the tip of our shattered culture, but what lies just beneath the surface is a gigantic cultural cancer that is rotting America from within.

The ugly and dangerous truth is that we live in an embarrassing, politically correct culture that exalts and rejoices in the bizarre; aggressively promotes an “anything goes” value system; and vilifies, condemns and mocks traditional societal values and customs at every opportunity.

We’ve embraced a culture of contempt that attacks the very institutions that make for a healthy and strong society, and then we’re shocked when it spirals out of control. The only thing I’m shocked about is that anybody is shocked.

Watch the musician chat about gun control, below:

As for Nugent's show, the ratings were apparently not very strong to begin with, giving the network more than one potential reason not to continue with "Gun Country." However, "American Guns" was said to be much more popular, leading to increased speculation surrounding the motivation for removing the shows.

What do you think about Discovery's alleged decision to separate itself from shows surrounding firearms? Is it smart and sensible -- or do you find it unpalatable?

Take the poll, below:

(H/T: Inquisitr.com)



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