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See This Heartwarming Clip of a Kid Unwrapping a Real-Life Spider-Man for Christmas


In many children's eyes, Spider-Man is the ultimate hero. Case-in-point: Three-year-old Kieran who told his parents that he wanted "to have a Spider-Man" for Christmas. While some moms and dads would potentially scoff at the idea (after all, taking steps to bring in an actor is both expensive and cumbersome), this family was apparently determined to make Kieran's holiday more-than-special.

Rather than dismiss this over-the-top Christmas wish, Kieran's father made it happen, prompting a friend to dress up as the superhero. Not only did the guy get into costume, but he also allowed himself to be gift-wrapped to add even more surprise into the mix. The heartwarming experience was captured on video.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The clip opens with Santa Claus showing up at Kieran's door. "Your dad told me what you wanted for Christmas," he tells the young boy. Then, St. Nick takes him over to an oddly-shaped gift and prompts him to open it. When he does, Spider-Man pops out.

While at first a bit startled, Kieran quickly recovers and spends some time hanging out with Santa and his favorite superhero.

Watch the light-hearted video, below:

(H/T: FashionablyGeek.com)

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