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Shouldn't gun owners be OK having their addresses published in a newspaper?


Conservatives in general and gun enthusiasts in particular are all-too-ready to let people know they're packing heat. Indeed, the head of the National Rifle Association made the case Friday that having more people armed is the solution to gun violence in schools.

The rhetorical pro-Second Amendment argument goes: Are you more or less likely to be robbed if a perpetrator knows you have a gun?

But when a local New York newspaper on Monday published the street addresses of gun permit holders, some on the right took offense.

Breitbart News called it "intimidation." Conservative blogger Instapundit suggested it's a breach of privacy. AMI Global Security, a gun dealer, said it was "appalled and alarmed at this abuse of power" by the newspaper.

Since when did permit carriers go all gun-shy about letting people know they have a firearm?

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