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So, How Do Canadians Get Rid of All That Snow?


Harvest it like corn?

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

There are times when snowfall is so great there is really no where for it to go. You can only pile snow so high on the side of the road and along sidewalks and driveways. So what's to be done with the powdery precipitation when there's a massive dumping? Do like the Canadians do.

Similar to how farmers would harvest corn with a combine shooting their bounty into a nearby truck for transport, this too is how some in more frigid climates deal with their snow.

A tractor with an attachment sucks up the snow and spews it into a dump truck, which will transport it to a more remote area where workers are allowed to pile the snow as high as a two-story house.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Notice the similarities with harvesting corn. (Photo: Shutterstock.com.)

Watch for yourself to see how it's done:

Did you notice how about 18 seconds into the clip a second truck pulls forward to take the full one's place. They've got this system down to a science.

You can see the trucks switching here. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The YouTube user who uploaded the video describes herself as an Armenian girl living in Canada and deemed it evidence of "our joyful lifestyle."

Here's another interesting method of snow disposal when there's nowhere else for it to go: melt it. See how that would work:

(H/T: NeatORama)

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