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Harry Reid downplays Katrina in bid for Sandy relief


I'm sure Hurricane Harry Reid's work with the White House to pass a pork-laden relief package for Sandy victims has nothing to do with his comments, but the Senate Majority Leader's remarks are incredibly troubling:

Comparing disasters is probably never a good idea because regardless of the size it's a travesty for those directly affected. Therefore, it was surprising, as well as factually incorrect, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Friday took to the Senate floor and declared that Hurricane Katrina was "nothing in comparison to what happened to the people in New York and New Jersey" from Hurricane Sandy.

That's some easy craziness to unload on the floor of the United States Senate.  I'd love to see Reid deliver those same comments in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Sure, Sandy brought about devastation in one of the country's most-populated urban centers, killing 120 and causing over $80 billion in damage.  But how can you even compare Sandy to Katrina, a storm that killed more than 1,830 and caused more than $145 billion in damage?

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