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Wilkow!': Are Liberals Cherry-Picking What Laws to Follow to Avoid the Debt Limit?


It's no secret that the debt limit is a major thorn in the Democrats' side. A new solution has emerged from the left to wiggle President Obama away from this problem: take it up in the courts. The Hill reports that Democrats in Congress argue the president would win in the Supreme Court on the debt limit issue, for the 1917  debt limit law conflicts with other laws including the Social Security Act of 1935, the Medicare Act of 1965 and other appropriations laws that direct the executive branch to spend federal funds on a wide range of priorities.

The left's argument does not add up for trial attorney and legal analyst Anne Bremner, who joined 'Wilkow!' Wednesday to discuss the tactic and the alarming idea of chipping away at the Constitution when you can't find a legislative solution.

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