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Here's the Email Beck Read With the FBI's 10 Red-Flag Words -- 'Just to Drive Them Nuts


"... send this to all of your enemies."

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Earlier this week, TheBlaze brought you the story about new software developed by the FBI and the accounting firm Ernst & Young, which flagged 3,000 words and phrases that could indicate fraud in emails.

One Ernst & Young's developers indicated the hope is for the software to be used by businesses to head of fraud before it is committed, but the FBI's involvement is unclear. As BBC put it:

Rogue traders can be caught by searching for key words in their emails scanned by software developed by accountants Ernst and Young, using US Federal Bureau of Investigation tools.

Glenn Beck spoke of the software on Friday's morning radio show.

Jokingly, Beck recalled that he said to Pat Gray the day before that they should write a letter with all these phrases in it and then have people send it around.

"Just to drive them nuts," Beck said. "And so Pat does, he writes this letter. The subject line is 'letter with all the FBI words.'"

Beck took the opportunity to read it on the radio.

"We'll put this up on the website at GlennBeck.com if you'd like to send this to all of your enemies," Beck said laughing.

Here's the full letter with the top 10 most common phrases in fraud emails (Editor's note: We highlighted the keywords):

Dear Ahmed,

I'm sitting here gazing up at a cloudy grey area of the sky wondering how to cover up this blemish that I have on my nose.  As a dermatologist, I thought you might have an idea of what I could use so nobody will find out that I've broken out again like a teenager.  If you do not volunteer the information, I'll probably have to see a specialist. 

Up until yesterday, I've been using Clearasil on it but I realized that I can write off that failed investment of $4.99 because it didn't work. 

I wasn't able to use the cream you prescribed for me last week because I put the jar on top of some books at my parents' house and wouldn't you know it, I bumped into the table that those books were sitting on and a jar fell off the books and onto the floor and broke. 

My parents said that since I loaned them $20 last month, they would be happy to pay for a new prescription because they owe it to me. But I told them I wasn't sure if it was not ethical to provide the medication again so soon.

Anyway, if you can call me on that, please call in the Walgreens at Fourth and Main as I have found that to get the one on 29th and Main, you have to make an illegal U‑turn at the light, and I don't want to do that. 

Thanks again.  Whatever you can do, Dr. Ahmed.

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