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Viral Vid of the Day: Man Releases Mouse Into the Wild...Only to See It Snatched By a Hawk Seconds Later
"Oh no!" (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Viral Vid of the Day: Man Releases Mouse Into the Wild...Only to See It Snatched By a Hawk Seconds Later

"And, uh ... oh no."

It seemed to be an intrusive mouse's lucky day. The man whose bunk the mouse chose to frequent regularly captured it live in a trash can and set it free outside, saving it from death should he have used a more traditional mouse trap.

The man (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The mouse (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The mouse's freedom -- after escaping from the dirty trash can -- was brief, though. He didn't even make it a 100 yards from his kind capture before being promptly snatched by a hawk.

You can see the brown mouse scurrying away in the snow in the middle toward the top of this image. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

And then... (Image: YouTube screenshot)

"Oh no!" (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The footage of the unfortunate turn of events posted on Reddit with the title "guy at my school attempting to release a mouse into the wild" shows the kindhearted friend in military fatigues, suggesting he might attend a military academy.

He sweetly coaxes the mouse out of the can: "come on little buddy." And even wishes him "good luck."

Since we know what's coming, the next line only adds salt to the wound. His friend filming asks "how do you feel kiddo?"

"I feel relieved," the man said, "that he's not going to wake me up in my bed anymore, crawling on my leg. But sad, you know, I just got to know him. And, uh ... oh no.

"Oh nooo! Nooo! Are you kidding me? He didn't last five minutes. I'm a terrible person. Oh, my gosh, let's get out of here."

The mouse can't really catch a break -- and it was all caught on film.

Check it out:

Of course, there is always the potential with computer graphics imagery that such a scene could have been faked (like the recent viral video that made it look like an eagle swooped down and picked up a child, which turned out to be the work of film students). Let us know if you think this video is real by taking our poll.

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