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Poll Results: Blaze Readers On Guns And The Second Amendment


"The typical Blaze reader is a married man, a reader, over 35, who has a house, kids, dogs, and at least one gun."

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Last week, TheBlaze invited you to participate in an online survey about guns, gun ownership, and the current debate about limiting or changing what is allowed by the Second Amendment. Our readers delivered almost 5 million responses to the 106 questions in the survey.

Before we break down some of the significant facts from this poll, let's remind you of the make-up of a typical Blaze reader (statistics culled from last year's poll that generated over 3 million responses).

  • 100% believe in the right to bear arms
  • 85% are at least 35-years
  • 80% are homeowners
  • 78% have children
  • 76% are married
  • 73% served in the U.S. military or have an immediate family member serving
  • 71% of the respondents are male
  • 66% own dogs  (36% have cats)
  • 63% have more than one gun
  • 54% read more than 12 books a year
  • 52% have taken a firearms safety class

If you take all of that data into account, the typical Blaze reader is a married man, a reader, over 35, who has a house, kids, dogs, and at least one gun.  However, it should be noted that readership has expanded significantly since last year.

Last week, the typical Blaze reader (and many others) gave us some clarity on how they feel about the Second Amendment. We began our survey with 20 questions and then invited you to submit your own. In the end, we approved an additional 86 questions for a total of 106. Those questions triggered 4,876,394 responses.

The "most-agreed" upon question generated unanimous consensus. We asked, "Do you believe in the Second Amendment. Score - 100% YES.

Image: Urtak.com


The overall feeling about why the Second Amendment was written by the Founding Fathers had a similar response, generating 99% agreement.

99% Say "NO!"

There were many questions that generated some very strong responses. Each one of these had 99% "NO" response.

  • Will an assault rifle ban prevent violent crime?
  • Would you surrender your Second Amendment rights in exchange for a promise from the government to protect you from all harm?
  • Should the UN or any other foreign entity have any say about American gun rights or the Second Amendment?
  • Should a gun owners address be published?
  • Did you vote President Obama?


Before you think that the majority of those responding are card-carrying NRA members or concealed-carry permit holders, look at these two questions:

Image: Urtak.com

Image: Urtak.com

The polling giant Gallup has been surveying America on guns and the Second Amendment for decades. You might find it interesting to know that the majority of Americans agree with TheBlaze readers on the average citizen's right to own a firearm.

Image: Gallup.com

The Gallup survey, taken just a week after the Sandy Hook massacre, showed a 2% drop in those who would call for a handgun ban. Support for banning gun ownership has actually decreased by 8% in the past decade.

Looking deeper into TheBlaze gun poll:

  • 88% own a gun
  • 75% have owned a gun for more than a decade and they have more than two guns in their home.
  • 74% think that every home in America should have a gun.
  • 72% of respondents have taken a firearms safety class. However, only 37% believe that gun buyers should be required to pass a basic firearms skills test prior to being sold a weapon.

Again, contrasting with the results from Gallup, at 88%, TheBlaze readers are twice as likely to own a gun as the rest of America.

Image: Gallup.com

According to Gallup, the last time America had more than 50% gun ownership was 1993 (it was 51% that year).

TheBlaze readers seem to be concerned that gun ownership could be at risk or become much more difficult in the very near future. Eighty-seven percent said they are "going to or (are) considering" the purchase of a firearm in the near future.

Image: Urtak.com

Among those taking our poll, there was also an overwhelming sense that some action by the Obama administration is inevitable.

  • 91% believe that the President will use an Executive order to enact a gun ban if Congress will not
  • 89% are worried that gun confiscation will be attempted before years end
  • 98% say they will not willingly surrender their firearms if confiscation is ordered
  • 64% have purchase ammunition in the past three months
  • 45% have purchased a firearm in the past six months

A sizable number of gun-owning voters in TheBlaze audience are also very clear on how they plan to deal with politicians who vote to compromise the Second Amendment.

Image: Urtak.com

That's a 97% "yes" to one of the "most-answered" questions in our poll. Members of the House and Senate up for re-election in the 2014 mid-terms would be wise to take note of voter sentiment in cases like this.

The survey also showed an overwhelming lack of interest in any form of government monitoring of firearms and firearm sales.

Image: Urtak.com

  • 94% do not want gun sales monitored by the government.
  • 96% also said no thanks to putting a tracking chip in guns
  • 93% think the Feds do not belong at gun shows
  • 83% oppose mandatory checkups on gun licenses like there are for driver's licenses
  • 76% don't want gun show sales monitored by local police or governments

Our survey also confirmed what is probably expected of a group that strongly supports gun ownership:

  • 99% believe that banning assault rifles will not prevent violent crime (In a separate question only 6% supported the reinstatement)
  • 99% also believe that disarming law-abiding citizens will not reduce violent crime

What we found surprising is that Gallup's recent survey on the possibility of reinstating a ban on assault rifles (taken after the Sandy Hook murders) showed no real increase in popular support for this action. A majority of America is still against such a ban.

Image: Gallup.com

The massive response to our poll proved what many on our editorial staff strongly suspected: TheBlaze audience is filled with staunch defenders of the right to "keep and bear arms." And that right is also supported by members of our audience who do not own a gun.

On Tuesday of this week, Vice President Joe Biden is expected to meet with President Obama and present his suggestions for taking action on access to guns and the rights of gun owners in America. TheBlaze has reported that NRA President David Keene does not believe legislation that would ban assault rifles will pass. Keene is concerned (as are Blaze readers) that Mr. Obama will use the power of Executive Order to do whatever he wants to do on guns.



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