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Keith Ablow wants Lance Armstrong to 'take our breath away


Because when Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow speaks, we listen.

The TV psychiatrist explains at FoxNews.com what it will take for Lance Armstrong to properly earn forgiveness from the public for having lied about doping:

Only if Armstrong were to tell us that, in a way that took our breath away and answered every question one could ever ask of him, about why his life became a fraud, could a good listener really be satisfied that he or she had heard the truth.  ...

If Armstrong were to tell us (again, I am making all this up) that he had been bullied relentlessly as a kid and had thought of suicide and that being strong and undefeatable came to mean everything to him—that racing through life wearing the mask of success and invulnerability seemed like his only option—then he would have my attention and my empathy.

Neither answer to the question about why he did what he did would excuse Armstrong.  But it would explain him. ...

Nothing less should be taken as a meaningful confession by Armstrong.  And nothing less will be wind at his back in the journey through life ahead.

Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey in which he confesses to lying about taking performance-enhancing drugs airs Thursday on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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