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Preachy WSJ advises Armstrong: Turn to Christianity and the Nixon admin


From the fine folks at the Wall Street Journal, who have a suggestion for Lance Armstrong in his path to public redemption after having lied about his use of performance-enhancing drugs:

We are all sinners, the Bible says and everyone knows. ...

If [Armstrong] really wants to atone, however, he'd be better off following the example of the late Chuck Colson. ...

Colson was a special counsel in the White House when he became known as Richard Nixon's hatchet man. Amid the Watergate scandal, Colson pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and served seven months in prison. He later converted to Christianity, founded the Prison Fellowship to promote rehabilitation for inmates, and by all accounts led an exemplary life until his death last April. ...

Americans are nonetheless prone to forgive their celebrity transgressors, and perhaps Mr. Armstrong will point to his foundation and anticancer activism as a form of redemption. The ultimate judgment on that belongs to a higher authority, but in the meantime the Colson example suggests an earthly road back to respectability.

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