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This Obama supporter might be my favorite anti-gun leftist hypocrite


If you thought Obama's armed-protection-for-me-but-not-for-thee hypocrisy was bad, consider this...

Today, Marilyn Katz is a Chicago public-relations and political consultant.  As we've previously reported, she's well-connected in the Chicago political machines -- connections which include a personal friendship with President Barack Obama.  After the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Katz took to the web to echo the progressive left's calls for stricter gun control laws.

"Do guns provide protection?" Katz rhetorically asked in a recent Chicago Tribune editorial challenging the value of firearm ownership.  "While the National Rifle Association cites gun ownership as critical to family protection, it appears that nothing could be further from the truth," she wrote, citing studies from the Centers for Disease Control on suicides in households with guns.

Bottom line, Katz argues, is that guns are unsafe and the public shouldn't have such ready access.

What strikes me as funny about this argument coming from Katz is her own background.  Before she got into the world of progressive PR, Kats was an active member of the radical Students for a Democratic Society and even managed security for SDS during the violent 1968 DNC riots in Chicago.  According to the FBI, it was in this role that Katz funneled stockpiles of sharpened nails into SDS to be used in incendiary explosive devices against Chicago Police officers.

The logic of Marilyn Katz:

Guns = bad.

Nail-laced bombs specifically designed to inflict maximum bodily harm on law enforcement officers = good.  

Go figure.

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