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Watch the Wild Vid of Islamists Protesting in England: 'Shariah Is an Inevitability


"The idols of freedom and democracy [are] false idols, and they will burn in hell just like you"

(Photo: Screen Shot/MEMRI)

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) posted unbelievable video Sunday of Islamists rallying in England a little over one week ago to protest the French intervention in Mali.

The chants of the Islamists, though, appear to target the West in its entirety.  Far from objecting to French foreign policy, the speakers repeatedly threaten that an Islamic caliphate will begin in Africa and the Middle East, but will eventually spread to "the whole world."

"We will not stop as Muslims until the whole world is governed by Islam," one man says evenly and calmly.

The video begins with a bearded individual leading chants, saying things like "Shariah for Mali! Jihad for Mali!" and "Allah Akbar!"

Soon, though, he launches into a more informative speech.

"We got rid of some of our dictators-- Ben Ali, Mubarak, and al-Qadhafi.  But now it's time for the dictators in Mali, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, and all over Muslim lands to be removed and replaced by the shariah, by Islam," he states.

Another speaker, who seems far more composed and level-headed, makes a bolder declaration.

(Photo: Screen Shot/MEMRI)

After saying there is no "freedom for Muslims to practice Islam," he says:

...that is because the idols of freedom and democracy [are] false idols, and they will burn in hell just like you.


Our leader is the final Messenger Muhammad. He is the Messenger. He gave us glad tidings: that we will conquer, we will lead, we will spread mercy, and we will spread justice, whether you like it or whether you don’t like it. Look to your own doorstep in France – your own French women are abandoning their Christianity and donning the hijab and the burqa.


The Muslims reached the gates of Vienna, I don’t think [unintelligible], because our eyes are on Paris, our eyes are on Brussels, our eyes are on London. We will not stop, as Muslims, until the whole world is governed by Islam.​  [Emphasis added]

(Photo: Screen Shot/MEMRI)

An Islamist speaking in French gives the most threatening message, after saying that President Francois Hollande is acting as a terrorist by sending the French into Mali.

He warns (translated by MEMRI):

What we are saying to François Hollande is that the Muslims throughout the world will not rest until Islam dominates France, until Islam dominates the entire world. Islam will not dominate only Mali, Afghanistan, and Africa, but also France, Paris, and England. François Hollande, you must understand a few facts of life: You are a son of Pharaoh. The blood of Pharaoh courses through your veins.


The Islamic movement will become a system of life under your nose. Your wife, French women, the people of France, will live under the Islamic movement, even if you don’t like it. We will collect the jizya poll tax.


The nation of Muhammad loves death just as you love your pork. It loves death more than you love your pigs. It loves death more than you love prostitution, more than you love wine.  [Emphasis added]

The group then chants for Islamic law in France, Europe, and "the world in its entirety."

One Islamist concluded his speech:

"You will never stop Muslims, because this nation is far too large to be stopped. This nation is like a tidal wave – when it starts, it doesn’t stop. It will conquer the east of the East and the west of the West, because that is the prophecy of our Prophet Muhammad."

Watch the entire video, via MEMRI, below:

(H/T: WeaselZippers)



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