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Purveyors of White Privilege': Bill O'Reilly Reveals the Outlook He Thinks Drives Obama


"The Republican agenda, in his mind, the president's mind, props up white privilege."

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly gained some criticism for a controversial segment on "The O'Reilly Factor" last night, during which he posed a theory about President Barack Obama and his treatment of the GOP. The popular commentator charged that the nation's leader doesn't like Republicans, because he sees them as "purveyors of white privilege." The comment was made during an interview with The Washington Post's Bob Woodward. Earlier in the show, the host also took aim at Obama's push for "social justice" in his inaugural address.

"It's pretty clear that [Obama] doesn't like them because he doesn't feel -- he feels that they are the purveyors of white privilege," O’Reilly said. "He's never going to say that, but that's the theme that runs through his advisers: The white privilege has to be broken down."

Woodward didn't agree with this assessment, as the famed journalist contended that Obama's treatment of Republicans has little to do with race and everything to do with ideological contention. He dismissed the president's treatment of the GOP as being rooted in "a broader disagreement with the Republican agenda." Despite Woodward's disagreement with the sentiment, O'Reilly doubled down.

"The Republican agenda, in his mind, the president's mind, props up white privilege," O’Reilly continued, defending his original position."Therefore, as the social justice champion, he has to tear that down. He doesn't like the white privilege thing and he doesn't like the Republicans trying to defend it. And that's the seed."

Watch the segment, below:

O'Reilly, in a separate segment, condemned the president's inaugural address for taking a "social justice" tone. See his comments here:

(H/T: The Hill)

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