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Listen to This Veteran's Epic Defense of the Second Amendment at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum: 'I Went to War for My Country


"The threat of tyranny is no less than at the turn of the century in 1900, in 1800, or in 1700."



A military veteran delivered a passionate defense of the Second Amendment at a Chicago-area anti-gun "forum" Sunday, saying he went to war to protect all Americans' inalienable rights -- including the right to bear arms. He also argued the threat of "tyranny" is still just as real as it was in the past.

The veteran, along with several other NRA supporters, were reportedly forced to listen to panelists bash the Second Amendment and question whether or not the right to bear arms is still relevant in today's society.

"About two-thirds of the audience sported Illinois State Rifle Association or National Rifle Association hats or tee-shirts. Many held up “Don’t Infringe My Rights” signs. Many photographed the crowd and speakers with phones and cameras," according to the Wilmette Sun Times.

One of the speakers at the event, identified as Bill Jenkins, even went as far as to place a photograph of Nazi paraphernalia on the screen with the caption, "this is what a gun show looks like," followed by a picture of a Chihuahua with the caption "this is what I think the NRA really is." Critics of the NRA have gotten into a habit of comparing the NRA to Nazis.

"Finally, when panelist Lee Goodman of the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition responded to a question about the original reasons for including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights by saying 'it didn’t matter [what their intentions were],' it was enough for the combat veteran to speak up," Legal Insurrection notes.

Here's a partial transcript  the veteran's scathing diatribe:

"Sir, sir. While you’re standing up. I’ve sat here [inaudible] and I’d like to agree with the professor. Everyone standing in this room right now, especially the veterans in the room right now, know, that we are all Americans. The problem with this country right now is, 'it’s us and it’s f***ing them.' We need to stop this crap.

Now, the thing I would like you to answer, sir. And I did go to war for this country. Whether it was for everyone in here’s ability to have oil and gas in their cars, or the banks, or whatever. I went to war for my country.

And I went to war for your ability to have the First Amendment, to say what you stood up there and said today, to write what you want to write in your newspaper, and have whatever opinion you want to have. You can practice whatever religious freedoms you want.

To read the full transcript, click here.

"When they consider any part of the Constitution, any law, they’re going to say, 'what does it mean today?'" Goodman defended.

To that, the veteran shot back, "The threat of tyranny is no less than at the turn of the century in 1900, in 1800, or in 1700."

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