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Anti-War Protester Interrupts John Kerry's Confirmation Hearing: 'I'm Tired of My Friends in the Middle East Dying!


"The Middle East is not a threat to us!"



A lone female anti-war protester interrupted Secretary of State nominee John Kerry's Senate confirmation hearing Thursday, shouting about people dying in the Middle East.

"You are killing thousands of people, the Middle East is not a threat to us! When is it going to be enough, when are enough people going to be killed?" the protester, wearing a pink hat and scarf, yelled. "I'm tired of my friends in the Middle East dying, I don't know if they're going to be alive the next day!"

After the woman was escorted from the room, Kerry said he "respects" the ability of people to speak out in protest.

"When I first came to Washington and testified I obviously was testifying as part of a group of people who came here to have their voices heard, and that is above all what this place is about," Kerry said. "I respect, I think, the woman who was voicing her concerns about that part of the world."

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