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Uh-oh: UN will investigate U.S. drone strikes


Since 2002, there have been approximately 424 killer-drone strikes in at least six different countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.  Most of the attacks -- about 371 -- have come as President Obama looks to scale back the number of U.S. troops on the ground in the Middle East, opting instead to use the unmanned aerial vehicles for military strikes and intelligence gathering.

Now, however, the United Nations is taking issue with President Obama's [Drone] War on Terror.  An investigative panel will reportedly investigate the "exponential rise" in drone strikes on Obama's watch, "with a view to determining whether there is a plausible allegation of unlawful killing."

The lawyer, Ben Emmerson, special investigator for the United Nations Human Rights Council, said at a news conference that the nine-month study would look at “drone strikes and other forms of remotely targeted killing,” including a wide array of so-called standoff weapons used in modern warfare, like ground-launched missiles and similar weapons fired from manned aircraft.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee was unavailable for comment.

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