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Senate's immigration outline gets lukewarm support from national papers


A bipartisan group of eight senators introduced a type of outline on immigration reform yesterday. National newspapers weighed in this morning with some cautiously optimistic praise.

New York Times: "The statement lacks specifics and leaves a lot of room for disappointment and retreat. But what’s encouraging is that it exists at all. No longer does the immigration debate consist of two groups yelling across a void. No longer is the discussion hopelessly immobilized by Republicans who have categorically rejected any deal that includes any hint of “'amnesty.'”

Wall Street Journal: "The President will lay out his own reform principles Tuesday, but the question is whether he wants an achievement or a political issue. If he wants a genuine reform, the Senate framework shows how much Republicans have already moved his way. GOP leaders can read the 2012 exit polls, and thanks to the persuasion of Mr. Rubio, Jeb Bush and a few others, more conservatives are now more amenable to reform."

USA Today: "The plan outlined Monday by eight senators, four Democrats and four Republicans, artfully finesses the question in a way that's likely to upset liberals and conservatives alike.

"And therein lies its beauty."

Washington Post: "There's a long way to go, and a universe of details to be decided, before Congress overhauls the nation’s broken immigration system. Still, it qualified as big news Monday that a bipartisan group of eight senators, working over the last several weeks, was able to fashion a skeletal framework agreement, including the granting of legal status for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the county. It’s an important starting point, but only a starting point, for what should become serious negotiations between the White House and lawmakers."

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