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What could be worse than being robbed & shot in the eye?

(Image: WSYR)

After working at the same family liquor store for nearly 6 decades, Thomas Dotterer came face-to-face with an armed robber last week and was shot point-blank in the eye. Amazingly, he survived the deadly encounter and was hospitalized in critical condition. He will probably never see out of his right eye again.

But amazingly, this wasn't the worst part of Dotterer's week...

(Image: WSYR)

Dotterer is an amazing optimist who says "everything happens for reasons that preclude present understanding," but one thing cannot be forgiven -- the outcome of this week's WWE "Royal Rumble."

“The Rock beat Punk — did you know that?” he said to reporters. “That’s the worst thing that has happened to me all week.”


Get well soon, Thomas.

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