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Shock Video: Mall Security Guard Forced to Tase Mother After She Attacks Him While Toddlers Hurl 'Gay' Insults


​"I'm always out numbered, that's why I have the video camera. I'm always concerned with my safety, but not to the point where I won't act."

Image: YouTube video

UPDATE: Reddit Users Help Raise More Than $17,000 for Mall Security Guard Who Tased Abrasive Mom in Viral Vid

​Editor's note: The contents of this story includes very strong, graphic language. Discretion is advised.


Get ready for what could be the most incredible video of the year (so far).

Two mothers with out-of-control children were charged with seven misdemeanors between the two of them after they got into a violent confrontation with a security guard at an Atlanta mall. One of the moms ended up getting tased and the video of the incident has gone viral.

Image: CBS Atlanta

Darien Long is the security guard and on-site manager for Atlanta's Metro Mall. The inner city shopping center is not like the typical suburban shopping mall. Metro Mall has problems with drug dealers and gangs of shoplifters, and people selling stolen merchandise. Mr. Long calmly faces these issues each day. He told a local news report:

"I'm always out numbered, that's why I have the video camera. I'm always concerned with my safety, but not to the point where I won't act."

That is not anymore apparent than in the video posted below, which although it is from an incident that happened in May has just been recently going viral.

Mr. Long says that he was just trying to keep a group of unruly children from going back into the building. In the video, the mothers have a problem with this and the conflict quickly escalates. Initially it involves some rough language being tossed at Long. In addition, the kids, who appear no older than toddlers, join in, hurling "gay" insults at Long.

Image: YouTube video

But it doesn't end there. One of the women eventually aggressively approaches Long and starts punching him. After enduring several seconds of abuse, Long eventually pulls out his taser and fires. The woman goes stiff as a board and hits the ground -- in front of her children -- before eventually coming to.

Image: YouTube video

Even after that, a man who appears to be the childrens' father approaches Long and tries to stage a fight at "6." Long keeps him at bay by threatening to tase him, too.

You can watch the incredible video below. Content Warning: It has offensive and graphic language throughout the 4:48 video:

Mr. Long's work is often captured on video and posted online. Witness some of his past interactions with alleged drug dealers and bad guys.

Content Warning: The bad language continues.

You can watch give a detailed interview about the taser incident here:

He also spoke with a local CBS reporter about the almost daily incidents at the downtown mall:

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