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Ten of the Strangest Mailboxes You've Ever Seen


The Mailbox. It's (almost) a universal item for American homes.

Image: Mailboxshoppe.com

High density housing (apartments, town homes, and condominiums) typically have generic mailboxes devoid of personality.

Image: Condominium mailboxes website

However, a few of the mailboxes found streetside at single family homes can be something quite different. Despite the rather boring guidelines from the United States Postal Services (USPS), some folks have decided to express their individuality through their mailboxes.

We offer you 10 of our favorite mailboxes from a collection of "25 Weird Mailboxes" (as gathered by Holy Taco).

The Monster Beneath The Earth


This mailbox is probably on Senator Diane Feinstein's list


The bike riding mailbox might make some postal workers reluctant to deliver the mail.


Here's a good use for that old microwave.


The giraffe mailbox hides a standard USPS approved mailbox inside the animal's mouth.


Fragile, Handle With Care?


Finally, a good use for those old Macintosh computers.


This mailbox may belong to a Democrat... or someone who doesn't appreciate getting bills in the mail.


Mannequin Mailbox?


The mailbox at #47 seems to be a fitting "end" to this list.

To see the full list of "25 Weird Mailboxes" visit HolyTaco.com

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