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Woman Uses This Viral Facebook Post to Find Her Biological Mom -- and It Works!


"...took one second of their day to hit share and I found my family."

(Photo: Facebook)

The collective strength of the Internet and social media has shown its power time and again when it comes to crowd-funding projects for those in need or identifying people, like the private marriage proposals snapped by spying photographers. Jenessa Simons is another successful example.

The 21-year-old woman was able to find her biological mother through a Facebook post that went viral in less than one week, according to ABC 4 out of Utah.

Simons posted a photo of herself holding a poster stating where and when she was born, among other details. Only two days later, Simons was contacted by the woman she believes is her birth mom.

(Photo: Facebook)

By Tuesday the photo was shared more than 86,000 times and was spotted by a woman who recognized the information and sent it to the woman she thought was Simons' mother, ABC reported.

Sure enough, Simons was contacted by a woman who sent her this message:

“She did send me a message on Facebook and said, ‘I think I’m your birth mother. I can’t believe it’s you. I’ve waited all this time’,” Simons said.

ABC reported Simons being cautious about this one as she had received several false claims to her parentage. This woman though was providing truthful details the others hadn't and sent a photo of Simons as a baby that was shared by her adoptive mother.

“I found my birth mother just because 70,000 people shared that picture and took one second of their day to hit share and I found my family,” Simons said, according to ABC.

Simons is still searching for her birth father. As of the time of this posting, the photo has been shared more than 159,000 times. She is also paying her success forward sharing other people's photos searching for birth parents on the site as well -- like this guy (below.)

ABC reported that Simons wanted to reach out to her biological parents to at least thank them for putting her up for adoption to a loving family.

(H/T: Yahoo!)

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