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See How One Salon Owner Has Helped Hundreds of Unemployed Women Find Work


"This proves it works...And it works without ANY government money!"

(Photo: Facebook/Style Me Hired Makeover Show)

(Photo: Style Me Hired)

An organization called “Style Me Hired” has arisen in response to tough economic times, giving unemployed women both makeovers and a shot at a new job.

Over the past two years, they say they have helped transform the lives of hundreds of women who had fallen on hard times.  Last week they were able to see the fruits of their labor, bringing many of them together for an inspirational "where are they now?" event.

One woman, Betsy, described her "story of restoration" (text via Style Me Hired):

...At the beginning of this amazing journey I was seriously devastated.  It had been a very difficult few years for me as I lost my Dad, Brother Mom and most recently my sister.  I had also lost my job at Sunoco Eagle Point, when they shut down in December of 2009.  It looked like it would be difficult to be employed again as an oil refinery worker.  It was also difficult because I had not yet recovered financially from the 1st 14 months of unemployment.  I had relocated to this area for the job at Sunoco and did not have a lot of networking support.  At 55 years old I felt I was fighting a losing battle to find work.

As a desperate attempt to reach out for a lifeline I entered the Style Me Hired Makeover event in March of 2011.  That is when my luck changed!  The email read, “Congratulations!  You are the March winner of the Style Me Hired Show Makeover!  Please email us your phone number so we can contact you to set up your Free Makeover!”  It meant so much to me that someone cared enough to reach out to me.   Let me tell you this makeover pulled me out of my depression/funk and gave me my life back.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The makeover includes a chauffeured trip to the Marc Voci salon, hair cut and color, makeup, a new outfit, and a shot at a new job.  Marc Voci started the project, and has been partnering with small businesses in the area to keep it alive throughout the years.

"This proves it works," producer Anita Coppens said in an email to TheBlaze.  "And it works without ANY government money!"

Watch video of the reunion, which includes interviews with more women who say their lives were changed because of the opportunity "Style Me Hired" presented:

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