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How Hard Was It for Al Sharpton to Say ‘Sigourney Weaver’ and ‘Fran Drescher’ on Monday? This Hard


"Dry-sure"? And just wait until you hear "Sigourney."

Image: MSNBC

Before we get to Al Sharpton, first a little background.

The NRA is coming under fire (gun reference intended) for publishing a list of famous people and certain groups that they say do not support the Second Amendment. The list was posted on the Internet last fall, but after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the list has become the focus of many in the media. The left-leaning The Daily Beast chose to mock it with a video parodying the celebrities on the NRA's list.

However, the Daily Beast was not alone in pointing out the NRA's list. Huff Po's Alan Colmes published a story last Friday, asking the NRA to add him to the list. Think Progress (a Soros-Sponsored group) also mocked the list. The Daily Kos piled on, too. And on Monday, MSNBC's finally joined the parade.

The NRA list made it to a few of the network's shows, but the when Al Sharpton brought up the four month old list, he had a little trouble pronouncing some of the names -- specifically, Fran Drescher and Sigourney Weaver.  (In Sharpton-speak, Drescher becomes Dry-sure,  and Sigourney is Cig-uh-noy.)

Image: MSNBC

From "Politics Nation" - Here's Sharpton shouting at the camera.


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