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Beck Delivers Excoriating Rebuke of Ron Paul Over 'Ugly and Offensive' Tweet About Chris Kyle's Death


"As Americans we don't go over to the graves of even the German soldiers from WWII and dance on them -- because it's what sets us apart -- a fundamental respect for life."

This morning, Glenn Beck delivered an excoriating rebuke of former Texas congressman Ron Paul. The radio host's tough words for the former representative were an official response to Paul's much-publicized tweet about ex-NAVY SEAL Chris Kyle's death. Beck began his comments by praising Kyle's bravery and his devotion to America, going on to outline his shock at the politician's decision to comment so callously.

The host honored Kyle as "one of the brightest, bravest heroes" and praised him for his combat tours. In addition to highlighting this devotion to the military and penchant for saving American lives, Beck also focused upon other important attributes pertaining to Kyle's faith and family roles.

"A husband, a father, a son, an unquestioned patriot -- a man who didn't talk about Jesus, but lived his Christian belief -- was senselessly murdered by a fellow veteran he was just trying to help," he continued.

After praising the brave ex-SEAL, Beck outlined his surprise by Paul's Twitter message, which read (in case you missed it), "Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that 'he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.' Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense." The radio host held little back in his reaction. 

"Well, Dr. Paul, he wasn't treating it. I'm sorry that you listened to the media," he said "I thought you knew better than that. Aren't you a guy that just loves to blame the media on coverups -- on things like Tower number Seven? Suddenly, you rush to believe the media."

Glenn Beck responds to former Rep. Ron Paul's tweet about ex-NAVY SEAL Chris Kyle (Photo Credit: TheBlaze TV)

But rather than tearing into the former congressman further, at this point, Beck paused to note Paul's devotion to the U.S. Constitution and, despite disagreeing with him on many sentiments, the host noted that the two do, indeed, share some ideas "about freedom and the constitution." While Beck believes that Paul has fought hard to uphold these values, disagreement abounds.

Despite ideological inconsistencies, though, Beck said that there is no reason that the two can't respect one another. Holding this ideal in place, he continued to respectfully rail against the politician's Twitter statement.

"I understand so unbelievably clearly that you don't like the foreign wars our nation has been involved in...some of us are at a different level of understanding," Beck said, speaking directly to Paul. "We're not all Dr. Paul, now, but Chris Kyle and those like him are not the policy makers, doctor, as Americans we don't go over to the graves of even the German soldiers from WWII and dance on them -- because it's what sets us apart -- a fundamental respect for life."

The host said that Kyle gave his all as a volunteer in a nation that never required him to sacrifice so much of himself. The former SEAL, Beck said, was special -- an individual who put his life where his beliefs reside. In this respect, Beck highlighted that the congressman and Kyle have some common ground.

"Dr. Paul, so many Americans admire you because you are willing to put yourself out there in Washington for a cause in which you believe," he noted. "Chris Kyle was no different...he was willing to put [himself] out there for a cause that he believed [in]."

(Photo Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Rather than coming from the lips (or keyboard, in this case) of a seasoned elder statesman, Beck said that Paul's tweet sounded like something that would come from radical groups like Code Pink or Westboro Baptist Church, calling the social media statement "beneath" the former representative. The host said that one of the main problems that abounds in today's society is a failure for individuals to treat one another decently and he even wondered if Paul regrets his "serious, serious error in judgement."

Acknowledging that some would potentially point the finger at him as someone who has fallen prey to uttering unfavorable statements in the past, Beck admitted that "we've all said things that we shouldn't have said," but that people should learn and grow from these experiences. And while he stands fervently against Paul's statements, the host affirmed that he is a big believer in the First Amendment.

"I find Ron Paul's speech ugly and offensive, but I defend his right to say it and I would not violate it or ask anyone else to violate it by having him silent," Beck proclaimed  "More speech -- not less speech -- but it requires all of us in responsible ways to respond because that is the right that so many like Chris Kyle fought for."

The host also noted that for those wondering why he has never -- and could never -- support Paul, this example provides both explanation and corroboration.

"This should finally answer your question," Beck said.

Watch Beck's response in full, below:

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Glenn Beck's charitable organization, Mercury One, is taking donations for those wishing to honor Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.

To donate by mail:

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