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Prepare to Be Amazed at the 987-Pound Blue Marlin Reeled in by These Arizona Senior Citizens

(Photo: Mario Banaga via Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Blog)

We've reported on the landing of a few large lunkers before, but what makes this story intriguing is the epic, 12-hour long battle that it took to bring in a blue marlin off the coast of Cabo.

You see, several men were involved with reeling in the 987-pound marlin over the weekend -- and a few of them were senior citizens.

The fishing blog Pisces Fleet Sportfishing reported Captain Manuel Dominguez saying the youngest of the tourists from Phoenix, Ariz., was 82 years old.

The boat captain and deckhands pose with the fish -- they did most of the work bringing the marlin in. (Photo: Mario Banaga via Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Blog)

Dominguez said the tourist taking a first try lasted only about 10 minutes reeling in the marlin, which due to is size is presumably a female, before the captain's son and deckhand Jamie, 18, took over for three hours. Then another one of the tourists had another go at it and ended up making a "bird's nest," which according to Pisces is when a knot formed and "stripped one of the rod guides of it's inner liner." From there, another deckhand, Alejandro Suarez, took over for an hour.

Dominguez, not knowing how much longer his boat would last on diesel fuel, called for a friend to bring more gas. Those bringing the gas helped out with reeling in of the marlin as well -- that is until they realized they had to get back to land for a soccer game. Eventually, Dominguez himself came down to help with the fish.

Once it was finally in close enough to gaff, there was a new problem presented to the crew, Pisces pointed out -- how to get the beast on deck. They ended up tying the fish to the swimming step and started back toward land where the previous helpers who left for the soccer game came back to help bring the fish up. At this point it was 1:30 a.m.

"There was no way to weigh the fish at that hour, so between them all they hauled the massive fish up onto the concrete dock and left it in the custody of the night watchman, before waving goodbye to the dazed anglers who headed off to their hotel. What a surprise everybody got on Sunday morning to see that huge fish lying there," Pisces blog read.

(Photo: Mario Banaga via Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Blog)

Coming in at 987 pounds the next morning, Pisces states that 10 percent of the fish's weight would have been lost sitting on the dock all night, meaning it could have weighed up to 1,085 pounds, which would have made it one of the five largest fish caught in Cabo.

Read more details about the catch here.



(H/T: Grind TV)

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