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Obama is the new Bush -- and liberals are surprisingly ok with it

Obama is the new Bush -- and liberals are surprisingly ok with it

Liberals looooove to criticize President George W. Bush for his administration's use of enhanced interrogation for terrorist suspects. Take, for instance, MSNBC's Touré who has dismissed waterboarding as "immoral, illegal and counterproductive," even though information obtained in the process helped intelligence analysts hunt down Osama bin Laden.  And as recently as last December, the liberal co-host disparaged so-called "torture" and drone warfare as useless tools -- a combined dishonorable practice that "wrecks the soul of America." 

But now that the Obama administration is painting unmitigated drone warfare as "legal, ethical and wise"even when used on American citizens, Touré and others on the left are changing their tunes.

On The Cycle Wednesday, Touré and fellow liberal Krystal Ball defended the lethal use of drones against anyone working against America.  Waterboarding is off limits, but executive authority to drop bombs on American citizens abroad?  No problem.

"We're at war with al Qaeda right now, and if you join al Qaeda, you lose the right to be an American," Touré explained.  "You lose the right to due process. You declare yourself an enemy of this nation, and you are committing treason. And I don't see why we should expand American rights to people who want to kill Americans, who are working to kill Americans, who are committing treason. This is not criticizing the United States. This is going to war against the United States."

When conservative co-host S.E. Cupp chimed in with disbelief of Touré flippant dismissal of one's right to life, Ball came to his defense.  "I’m on board with Toure..." she said.  "But the part that I'm uncomfortable with is, you know, why couldn't this memo have been made public to start with?"

Would these two liberal hosts really have said these things if Bush were still in office and overseeing the dramatic expansion of drone warfare and executive power Obama has unilaterally implemented?  I somehow doubt it.

WATCH (via Newsbusters):

And remember when the left accused supporters of Bush/enhanced interrogation/the PATRIOT Act as being dimwitted blind followers of Bush? Yeah, about that...

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