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Were Duke Fans Chanting 'How's Your Grandma?' to an N.C. State Player Whose Grandmother Died Last Week?


"...a few immature comments by a few select fans."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

On Thursday, Duke University basketball players redeemed themselves after an earlier loss in the season to North Carolina State University, but their 98-85 win isn't what's being talked about now. A chant by Duke fans that is being interpreted as insensitive to an NC State player is causing a stir.

While freshman guard Tyler Lewis stepped up to the free-throw line, Duke supporters began taunting him. It's unclear exactly what they were chanting but theories include "past your bedtime" and "how's your grandma?" The bedtime reference would be alluding to Lewis' young age and appearance, but if they were changing about Lewis' grandmother, some think they might have crossed the line.

Lewis' grandmother died on Feb. 1.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Lewis' father, Rick, was in the crowd Thursday night and told the News & Observer that there was a moment when this insensitive chanting about his mother occurred, but "it was mostly 'past your bedtime.'"

"It wasn't the entire student section, I think a few tried to outdo themselves." Lewis added to the News & Observer.

SB Nation's Mike Rutherford's analysis of the chatting though yielded this thought:

It's sort of insane that Duke fans are begging folks to believe that they were chanting "past your bedtime," since that's maybe the lamest and least creative cheer I can think of.

Take a listen and judge what was said for yourself:

Either way, Lewis' father went onto the tell the News & Observer he thinks it's time to move on.

"No need to make it more than a few immature comments by a few select fans."

(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)

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