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The F**k I am...I'm Not F**king Kidding': CBS White House Correspondent Goes on Odd, Profane Twitter Rant


We're not entirely sure what's going on here.

“The f**k I am. That is shirty business what you did. Fix it. I'm not f**king kidding,” CBS News’ Major Garrett wrote in a seemingly out-of-nowhere tweet this morning.

Now we’re sure you're wondering: What’s going on here? Sadly, no one seems to know:

Garret, of course, deleted the offending tweet, but, you know, this is the Internet and all that:

The former Fox News correspondent later tweeted an "explanation" of sorts:

And this is what National Journal White House Correspondent Jim O’Sullivan was tweeting before Garrett tried his hand at impersonating Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s sunny disposition:

Again, we're not entirely sure what happened this morning. All we know is that whatever it was, it got Garrett plenty mad.

Oh, also, on the same day that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the chair of St. Peter, a first in nearly 600 years, "#shirty" was trending nationwide on Twitter. Welcome to the Internet.

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(H/T: Twitchy).

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