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Former Special Ops Members Unveil New Details in Benghazi Book, Including Secret Missions by Brennan That Might Have Prompted the Attack
(Image: SOFREP.com)

Former Special Ops Members Unveil New Details in Benghazi Book, Including Secret Missions by Brennan That Might Have Prompted the Attack

"Kicking the hornets nest"

As the details about the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, continue to emerge, a new ebook claims to unveil what it says are the "both uncomfortable and unsatisfying" facts surrounding the events leading up to, during and after the attack.

(Image: SOFREP.com)

Some have already said the details included in "Benghazi: The Definitive Report," which was released Tuesday by authors Jack Murphy, a former Army Ranger and member of the 5th Special Forces Group, and Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, are "shocking but hard to prove." Webb is the editor-in-chief of SOFREP.com (the Special Operations Forces Report) and Murphy is a contributor of the website.

Still, Murphy and Webb state in the prologue that they consulted dozens of experts, former Special Operations personnel and others with inside information regarding the state of Libya and the attacks. The book claims that it is "likely to be the definitive account of the Benghazi attack for years to come until historians can sift through the archives, get documents declassified and interview all of the participants."

Among many of the claims in the book, is that John Brennan, President Barack Obama's current nominee to direct the CIA, was conducting secret operations against Al Qaeda in Libya that included raids, which might have spurred the September 2012 attack.

"With [Joint Special Operations Command], Brennan waged his own unilateral operations in North Africa outside of the traditional command structure. These Direct Action (DA) operations [...] were 'off the books' in the sense they were not coordinated through the Pentagon or other governmental agencies, including the CIA," the book states.

The book says that Libya was a "ticking time bomb" and special operations within the country were "disturbing the local hornets nest of terrorists." Without the CIA being privy to some of this knowledge, it was left unprepared for the attacks that ensued.

The book also goes into some detail about the affair between General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell and how its revelation was used to out the former CIA director. With the CIA potentially unaware of the Special Operations missions "kicking the hornets nest" in Libya, the book states, Petraeus realized after the attacks he was a "perpetual outsider" in the Obama administration and was already preparing his own resignation before the scandal.

Petraeus' Personal Security Detachment long knew of the affair, the book alleges, and the FBI had been alerted and was trying to shut the investigation down due to a lack of criminal wrong-doing. But the book says that CIA officers "found a way to initiate and FBI investigation" and used it to "force Petraeus to resign."

"It is interesting that Petraeus was already on his way out the door over Benghazi and the CIA none the less forced him out on their terms rather than his own," the authors write.

As for accusations that the U.S. has been facilitating or allowing weapons to go from Libya to rebels in Syria, which Sen. Rand Paul called out earlier this month as potentially "part of the cause" for the attack, The Daily Beast reported National Security Council spokesman Tommy Viector saying this "is completely made up." On the flip side, Brigitte Gabriel, a leading expert on Islamic extremism, in a recent interview with TheBlaze said she is certain there was such an operation and that Ambassador Christopher Stevens "died because he was involved and because something went wrong."

Murphy;s and Webb's take? The book says Stevens would not likely have been involved in a weapons-running operation as it would "not fall under the purview of a foreign services officer in the State Department."

More on these details and other revelations, including the military response after the attack, can be found in "Benghazi: The Definitive Report," which is available available on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

This report has been updated to correct that Jack Murphy was an Army Ranger not a Navy SEAL. 

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