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Lessons from the LAPD Manhunt


During the State of the Union Tuesday night, the manhunt for former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner, who is suspected of multiple killings, came to end. Authorities believe he barricaded himself inside a rural cabin near Big Bear Lake, engaged in a shootout that killed a deputy, and remained in the cabin that burned where his body was found and a single shot was last heard within. Thousands of officiers had been searching for the last week for the Ex-cop and Navy reservist who is to believed to have launched a campaign to exact revenge against the Department for his firing.

USA Today reports that a $1 million reward had been raised from public and private sources for evidence leading to Dorner's capture, and police received more than 1,000 tips. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck had called Dorner "a domestic terrorist." Dorner is suspected of killing up to six LAPD officers and family members, as well as the deputy in Tuesday's standoff.

On 'Wilkow!' Wednesday former Navy Seal and Author of "Seal Survival Guide," Cade Courtley, talked with Andrew about the manhunt for Dorner and the lessons law enforcement and ever day people can learn from it--such as self defense measures if encountered by someone like Dorner and how police can hunt down criminals with Dorner's military and law enforcement experience. Watch a clip from Wednesday's show below:

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