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Sickening': Vid Allegedly Shows Thugs Stripping Newark Teen, Whipping Him Over $20

A screen shot shows the victim before he was stripped naked. (Photo: Screen grab via nj.com)

A screen shot shows the victim before he was stripped naked. (Photo: Screen grab via nj.com)

Shocking video recorded in Newark, New Jersey appears to show a man forcing a teenager to strip naked before rapidly and ruthlessly beating him with a belt for several minutes.  To make the degradation complete, another individual filmed the scene and the apparent attacker forced the victim to tell the camera "it's a dog eat dog world."

At the beginning of the video, the assailant cites a $20 debt as the reason for the beating.  It's difficult to make out, but some sites say it wasn't even the boy who owed $20, but his ​father​.

"Where my money at?" the suspect demands between lashings.

"I don't know," the boy, naked and trying to cover himself on the streets of New Jersey, responds weakly.

The international hacktivist group Anonymous drew attention to one of the Twitter feeds promoting the video early on:

The YouTube account that posted the video has since been terminated, but the New York Daily News reported Wednesday morning that it had more than 40,000 views before it was pulled.

We don't recommend watching the unedited vid, but PIX11 News has blurred the more graphic images:

New Jersey residents in particular are horrified by the attack, with state and local officials condemning the video in the strongest of terms.

After a rapid investigation, three people were reportedly arrested in connection to the attack: the alleged assailant, cameraman, and a bystander.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker scheduled a press conference to discuss the matter Wednesday and, according to the Associated Press, will be joined by Police Director Samuel DeMaio and Police Chief Sheilah Coley.

"To see him stripped down naked and taken advantage of and abused like that, it was sickening to me,” Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio concluded. “I pictured somebody doing that to my son … the people that did that need to be brought to justice for sure."

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