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The Definitive Fact Check of Obama's State of the Union Speech That You Don't Want to Miss


"You cannot spend your way to prosperity, just like you can't fornicate your way to virginity."

(TheBlaze TV)

(TheBlaze TV)

Though Glenn Beck didn't have the patience to watch President Barack Obama deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday night, he did get caught up enough on Wednesday to conduct a blistering fact check of the speech.

He went almost point-by-point and rebutted many of the proposals and statements put forth by the commander in chief. Beck was shocked to hear Obama say his administration had "cleared away the rubble of crisis" and the "state of our union is stronger."

"Stronger than what, Venezuela?" Beck remarked. "We are not stronger. We are not strong. We have had four straight annual deficits of over $1 trillion, a ballooning national debt that's over now 100 percent of our annual output."

Beck also called Obama out for trying to pass off massive government spending "investments" while arguing that not one of his new programs "should increase the deficit by a single dime."

"He wants to sound responsible, but he also wants to spend like a Marxist at a Mao sale," Beck quipped.

Obama also proclaimed he was not calling for "bigger government" but rather "smarter government" in his State of the Union speech. Beck took exception with the term.

"Maybe the progressives have redefined the word 'smart'," Beck said. "What is smarter about taxing and spending more? What is smarter about adding tens of billions to our trillion dollar deficit? What is smarter about asking Americans to fork over even more of their money? What is smarter about heaping even more burdens on America's struggling businesses?"

"You cannot spend your way to prosperity, just like you cannot fornicate your way to virginity," he added. "It doesn't work that way."

Washington continues to kick the can down the road to the next guy, but the problem is, Beck explained, we're running out of road.

Watch Beck also take Obama to task over his proposals on "redesigning" America's schools, raising the minimum wage, unemployment, green energy and more.

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