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Newt recalls Rove's Election night 'blow up


There's an intense battle brewing between grassroots, tea party-type conservatives and Republican political consultant Karl Rove. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is siding with the grassroots people.

Rove, who didn't fair too well shaping the results of the last election, has undertaken a new effort to weed out Republican candidates he deems "unelectable." It's called the Conservative Victory Project. Groups like the Tea Party Patriots have responded by dressing up Rove as a Nazi in email blasts (they have since called it a mistake).

Enter Newt. He writes in Human Events today:

I am unalterably opposed to a bunch of billionaires financing a boss to pick candidates in 50 states. This is the opposite of the Republican tradition of freedom and grassroots small town conservatism.

No one person is smart enough nor do they have the moral right to buy nominations across the country.

Adding insult to injury, Gingrich urges readers to check out Roves most famous moment since the Bush years... "He was simply wrong last year," Gingrich says. "He was wrong about the Presidential race (watch a video of his blow up on Fox election night about Fox News calling Ohio for President Obama). He was also wrong about Senate races."

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