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Cops Investigating Disturbing Video of Little Girls Being Forced to Fight


"Slap her! Slap her! Just slap her!"

Image source: Gothamist

Image source: Gothamist

New York City police are questioning two teenagers after a video surfaced online of two little girls being forced to fight in a park.

The video, which was posted to YouTube and appeared on the website Gothamist, shows two young girls ages 6 and 7, according to WNBC-TV. Off-camera female voices shout at the 6-year-old, wearing a white coat, to fight the 7-year-old, who's in a black coat.

"Slap her! Slap her! Just slap her!" one person says. Another shouts, "Whoop dat ass!" The girls start to fight, hesitantly at first, but then devolve into a full-on brawl with slapping and hair-pulling and are laughed at even as they whimper and scream. The 7-year-old eventually leaves in tears.

According to WNBC, the mother of the 7-year-old recognized her daughter from the video after seeing it in a news report. Police said the 17-year-old sister of the other girl in the video instigated the fight after she felt disrespected when the 12-year-old sister of the 7-year-old bumped into her a week prior.

The fight took place over the holiday break, with the 12-year-old sister being held back by older teens when she tried to intervene and help her sister.

Police were interviewing the parties involved on Thursday, WNBC reported. It was unclear what charges could be filed.

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