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Need a Laugh? Watch the Conservative Parody 'Ban This Song' (That Has a Surprise Story)


"We are banning everything."

Four years ago, a group of people from across the country were brought together thanks to parody videos they created as part of Glenn Beck's "Arguing With Idiots Video Contest." Although they didn't know each other at the time, meeting at a finalist event held in New York City, a few of the finalists struck a chord -- and now they've formed an alter ego parody band.

After a few years of collaboration and video conferences, The Ballard Brothers was born.

The Ballard Brothers (Photo: Facebook)

"We met in New York City and became friends," Michael Branch, one of The Ballard Brothers said in a phone interview with TheBlaze. "All of us contribute from all over the U.S."

You might also recognize Branch's wife Krista, who is well-known for her songs "I am America" and "Remember Who We Are," which have been picked by the Tea Party, was picked up as Rick Santorum's Presidential theme song, and have been featured by Beck.

The Ballard Brothers has released its first single "Ban This Song," a parody that points out the faulty logic behind many of the regulations, including the proposed gun ban, instituted in the name of protecting society.

"It seems to me the facts demand that we change some things in our great land to keep our people safe from death or harm," goes the opening lyrics as the brothers wield firearms as their dancing props. "There are good folks dying every day in senseless an peculiar ways, so I'll make my point with good, old southern charm."

Watch the music video:

The song was produced in only two weeks time, with Branch writing it and recording a rough copy, sending it the band's producer in Tulsa, and the group coming together to create the music video.

"We are in a society that is no longer an America," Branch said. "We are banning everything."

He later clarified to say the country is becoming a place "we no longer recognize because society is trying to control everything for the sake of protection"

He explained the song was inspired by the top 10 causes of accidental death, which include car accidents, poisoning and drowning to name a few.

"The point is using the same logic, if we are going to ban guns, which is number 7 on the list, ...then you have to ban all these other things," Branch said.

Now what's an alter ego band without some alter ego names? The Ballard Brothers has them. There's ...

  • John Henry Ballard (Michael Branch) in Nashville and twin brother John Willis Ballard (who will be Michael Branch's voice but could physically be played by other contributors because he will always be wearing a gas mask)
  • David Raye Ballard (Brett Roberts) in Salt Lake City, who was part of the group that met as Arguing with Idiots finalists
  • Wendell Ballard (John Roberts) also in Salt Lake City and part of the Arguing with Idiots finalists
  • Walter Jesse Ballard (Charlie Thomas)
  • Wallace Evert Ballard (Ben Winterman)
  • George Ballard Ballard (David John) the producer in Tulsa and, yes, his alter ego's middle name is also his last name
  • James Buford Ballard (Jeremy Hoop) who met the group at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally in 2010
  • David Raye Ballard  (other contributors)

But this list is not exhaustive. Branch said there will be regular contributors who will be considered brothers as well.

The band's plan is to do not only political parodies but family oriented material as well. They hope to satirize popular songs. Although much of their music will be in the bluegrass style, Branch said they plan to cross into different genres as well.

The Ballard Brothers plan to release new content on their YouTube channel at least twice each month, so if you're interested in keeping up with their work, subscribe here. You can also keep tabs on them via Facebook here.

This story has been updated for clarification. 

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