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From Anarchy to Totalitarianism: Do You Know the Real Political Spectrum?


Last week, newly elected Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said a new party has to be started. On his Monday evening broadcast, Beck agreed that Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same today, but that even the GOP has lost its principles.

Beck came to Cruz's defense after the newly elected senator came under fire for remarking that President Obama is the most "radical" president in history.

The real political spectrum, according to Beck, is not about just left and right or Democrat and Republican, but rather about people who value freedom and those who do not. Or, in the more literal sense, a range spanning from anarchy to totalitarianism.

Beck then took some very prominent lawmakers and politicos -- from House Speaker John Boehner to Van Jones -- to task and explained where each falls on the political spectrum. The findings, interestingly enough, might surprise you. Most people tend to be center-right, the danger, according to Beck, always falls on either side of the extreme right or left.

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