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Read the Touching Birthday Letter Sent on Balloons to a Brother in 'Heaven' and Found by a Stranger


"Sad yet beautiful."

(Photo: Imgur)

It's a letter dated February 24, sent up into the sky on blue helium balloons, and later found when the helium lost its lift. But in reality, it's so much more than that. And now there's a mystery: Who sent the touching note?

The message is a birthday letter addressed to a brother named Adam who is now up in heaven.

(Photo: Imgur)

"I am writing you this birthday wish from here, on Earth. Knowing that this balloon and note will reach you up in heaven! with god and Angels up Above," the note begins.

"I hope you are being celebrated up there in the way you most deserve on your birthday with loved ones that we miss and friends you have made along they way in your journey to up above.

"I am just so sorry we cannot be with you on this day. We are with you always and forever in our hearts.

"I love you Adam. You were a good person and brother. Your family knows this."

The letter is signed from Adam's sister Jenny.

(Photo: Imgur)

The person who found it and posted the photo on Imgur also shared it in a Reddit thread, calling it "sad yet beautiful." It's unclear where it occurred, and as always with these things we can't verify its authenticity.

"When we found it, I read it out loud," the person who posted it wrote. "We just stood there in silence when I was done. I think we both wanted to say something about it, but we didn't.

"The silence spoke for itself."

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